Xining harvest in the first half of 112 fine days

The author learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the first half of the total harvest of 112 good days, I prove that by combining distance and pollution way of tackling the problem, focusing on promoting the city dust pollution, coal smoke pollution, motor vehicle pollution, industrial pollution and other air pollution comprehensive management work, has achieved remarkable results.

last month, 28 sky air quality standards

according to the "ambient air quality standards", June, the city’s total effective monitoring of city air quality monitoring for 30 days, compliance days proportion was 93.3% (28 days), the class A (excellent) for 3 days, two (good) for 25 days. There are 3 days of air quality did not appear primary pollutants. At the same time, the city of the city the amount of dust is 18.56 tons / square kilometer · month, and in May 2014 compared to the amount of dust fall, a decline of up to $46.91%, compared with the same period last year, the amount of dust is basically flat.

in the first half of the primary pollution for particulate matter

Xining city because of its geographical location and city life style, the annual spring and winter are air quality in our city suffered a severe test period, the first half of the year, experienced soot pollution, strong winds, dust shrouded day and other tests, the air quality in our city and will produce what kind of report card? According to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of relevant monitoring data show that from January to June, the city’s total number of effective monitoring of urban air quality monitoring for 181 days, up to the number of days for the standard of 112 days. Among them, the first (excellent) days for 5 days, grade two (good) days of 107 days. Data also show that in the first half of the air quality, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) is still the main factor affecting the quality of air pollution in our city.

the whole society to participate in the promotion of urban environment

112 excellent days, proved that the city from August last year, the results of significant pollution control. In order to allow the public to see blue sky during the day, at night to see the stars of the month, the city to promote pollution. This year will be more focused on the pollution control outstanding pollution problems, standardize the industry, improving the regulatory system, the implementation of "the combination of distance measures, tackling the problem, the formation of a good trend, government departments, regional collaboration to promote the implementation of the relevant units, governance and participation of the whole Society of pollution control.

in the first half, the city pay close attention to natural and construction dust prevention and control, and actively promote the coal to gas, motor vehicles, industrial enterprises and other pollution control. For the strict control of dust pollution, require the construction site to fully implement the dust control measures; water daily dispatched 84 vehicles, the implementation of dust sprinkler operation on the city’s 233 primary and secondary roads; carry out regional comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation work, focusing on the urban and rural joint on both sides of the Department of national and provincial and enhance the comprehensive management of environment protection, clean up the garbage and easy to produce dust pollution health corner. In order to reduce the coal dust pollution, this year the city (county) government subsidies to raise funds of nearly billion yuan, to promote the "coal to gas", and strive to complete the region 809 tons of steam coal-fired boiler renovation complete before the end of August. At the same time, the city to speed up the implementation of the machine;

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