Xining special steel to complete a research project

In August 23rd, after a group of experts on the evaluation of the provincial science and Technology Department, done by Xining Special Steel Co in Qinghai province key science and technology project "high quality special steel production technology integration products research, reached the leading domestic level. This result not only allows enterprises to win the market influence, but also shorten the gap between Xining and domestic and foreign advanced enterprises.

Xining special steel in University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chongqing University and National Engineering Research Center of continuous casting under the guidance of experts and professors, through independent innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation, Gao Jie developed a purification, high uniformity and defect free surface series of special steel smelting technology products. And developed a series of high cleanness, dense and uniform, high quality and stable performance of large size forging, high alloy tool and die steel, high quality bearing steel, gear steel for special steel products, brand cluster annual output of about four hundred thousand tons of production scale and strong market competitiveness and influence, value reached 2 billion 700 million yuan, two hundred million yuan to create benefits. (author: Wei Jinyu)


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