Two thief bravery also greatly during the day to steal about one hundred kilograms of jade carving

Victory Hotel 9 floor hall, a very expensive, weighing about 100 kg of "Heyuan" jade crafts in the day, "missing". After the West Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade lasted 20 days and nights fighting, Jiang Heyuan jade carving, and finally returned to his home".

January 18th, the West City Public Security Bureau police brigade received a report that the building of the Victory Hotel 9 floor of a piece of valuable jade crafts Jiang Heyuan stolen. Alarm, the city police immediately organized the police to carry out the investigation, after the police investigation and evidence collection, to determine the case for the suspect, such as Ma two. February 10th, investigators soldiers in two directions, in peace County and the city of East District Mill Park area will be arrested suspects.

after the trial, two suspects confessed at noon on January 18th, two people in the hotel staff shift while eating, guard time, according to the premeditated, driving a Shuanghuan SUV, stole placed in the 9 floor of the Victory Hotel in the hall about 100 kilograms of "source of rivers" jade crafts.



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