Xining lock industry officially implemented access system

Recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau formally implemented the lock industry access system, to meet the conditions of the lock, the lock service department issued lock industry security management registration certificate. As of June 10th, the city of Xining has issued 13 copies of the lock industry security management registration certificate.

reporter survey found that the small ads posted to the door of the door, the corridor has become a lock company, unlock service department to recruit a common method of business. Some people think that the door unlock small ads, can lock the door for those who lose the key to the convenience of the tenants. However, it was admitted that the convenience of unlocking small ads, but also on the reliability and security of the small ads open questions. Xining lock industry, told reporters that the lock industry is a new industry, due to the low threshold of the industry, the establishment of convenient, less funds needed in recent years, the rapid development in Xining.

low threshold, good efficiency, accelerate the development of the lock industry. Xining lock industry is also growing, Xining lock industry association official said, at present, nearly one hundred lock service in Xining. But some unlock industry practitioners, the lack of the necessary verification procedures to unlock, easy to provide opportunities for criminals. At the same time, some of the lack of legal procedures for unlocking service, trying to earn money from the hands of tenants.

control lock industry, the first industry self-regulation. September 2012, in order to allow the development of Xining lock industry tends to regulate, to avoid the lock industry to breed crime, Xining lock industry association was established, there were 13 companies to join the lock association. However, the City Public Security Bureau police detachment construction industry management department official found that although the lock industry is responsible for the industry management, but the lock industry management problem of many, difficult to manage, "unlock" also need to add a safety lock". To this end, the Municipal Public Security Bureau officially implemented the lock industry access system.


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