Xining tiger Office of the medical community in the West neighborhood committee supervision board

Xining tiger Taiwan Office of medical and financial communities in the west of the site of each staff member on the table more than a surveillance card, to facilitate the supervision of the work of the residents.

"Hello, my name is Xu Hongrong, is the community sports committee, responsible for community activities and making work……" Neighborhood committee staff Xu Hongrong on the front of the card reads these words. Each of the cards on the board has a staff photo, name, responsible for the work of the content and contact telephone number, I’m not in, please leave your contact phone number. This is my phone number." Left a phone call, but also to retain the trust of residents.

previously, residents to work, the staff is not in the office, can only wait, or run a few times. Now, as long as the phone, the staff to go out to work, but also to come back for the residents of the service, it can not come back, the residents can also leave a contact phone waiting for staff service. In addition, each supervision board has a staff write xinyu. "The heart of thousands of families, people love the health of the people," with my smile in exchange for your smile, and so on, every word uttered the voice of the staff.

committee director Sun Lan said, on the one hand, people come to work, through the supervision board, we can understand the find staff; on the other hand, if the staff is not serious for the residents, there are pictures and name card supervision, can complain directly to the higher authorities.


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