Urban road rectification

Recently, the city due to the occupation of roads closed, semi closed construction of the city’s traffic flow caused by changes in road traffic. In this regard, the city traffic police detachment in-depth pavement research, and actively coordinate the relevant departments, through the use of traffic engineering technology research and reasonable traffic organization program, effectively solve some of the road traffic conflict points and hidden dangers.

reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, I Kunlun Road, Tongren Road viaduct bridge and Kunlun Bridge exit three, due to traffic flow, people flow, prone to traffic accidents. And prone to congestion in the rush hour. To this end, the detachment set up in Kunlun road isolation barrier, barrier settings, pedestrians crossing the road to reduce the phenomenon of road traffic accidents significantly reduced. The intersection of Tongren Road viaduct bridge and Kunlun Bridge exit, setting the isolation barrier, on the south side of the junction to the bridge at the junction of the vehicle queue length increased sharply, the overall pass rate, Ramp Traffic and Shangri-La Avenue intersection traffic disorder, eliminate the phenomenon of interleaving. Kunlun bridge (Kunlun No. 1) intersection from the east to the south to turn left, after rectification, motor vehicles through the intersection when the disorder, the phenomenon is significantly reduced, significantly reduce traffic accidents.


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