Xining East District 279 people with severe disabilities receive subsidies

The east area of Xining city

actively implement the policy of benefiting, as of early August, the district has 279 severe disabilities issued the first quarter of 2012 and the second quarter of 149 thousand yuan living allowance.

to protect the severe disabilities basic rights of life, to solve the problem of severe disabilities, according to the office of the provincial government issued "on the establishment of severe disability living allowance system of opinions" and the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued the "Qinghai province severe disabilities living subsidy system implementation rules" provisions, the establishment of East District since January 1, 2012. And the implementation of severe disability living allowance system, subsidies: household registration, Chengdong district did not enjoy the basic living expenses of urban and rural residents, five, orphans and no guardians of minors and I have no income and the disability rating for a grade two or severe disabilities. Subsidy standards: 100 yuan per person per month in the city, rural per person per month $50. Recently, the district 279 people with severe disabilities in the first quarter of this year, all living allowances have been paid in place in two.  


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