Huangyuan county to take four measures to promote the smooth operation of the industrial economy

First, strengthen economic operation monitoring

is to strengthen the economic operation monitoring. to industrial economic operation of the reporting system, strengthen key industries, key enterprises analysis and forecast, pay close attention to Huadian, Huaxin 10 above scale enterprises in production and operation, timely find and solve the problems of trends and trend of enterprises in the operation of the , to ensure the smooth operation of the industrial economy. conscientiously implement the provinces and cities on the support of small and micro enterprise development policies and measures, in accordance with the support of Small and micro businesses, the "22" key support 131 Small and micro businesses, and strive to foster 2-3 Small and micro businesses to enter the ranks of above scale enterprises, cultivating more than 5 Emerging Industries Small and micro businesses.

two is to improve the comprehensive functions of industrial parks. give full play to Dahua Industrial Park, industrial park to concentrate on bigger and stronger, to accelerate the overall planning and approval of Dahua Industrial Park, according to the plan of the new standards, to speed up the road, Zhenyuan Dahua Road and 4 standardized production workshop and other infrastructure construction, further improve the power grid facilities, the carrying capacity of the park overall steps. To enhance investment attraction. Actively strengthen joint cooperation and Haixi and Haibei, Qaidam Province Industrial Park, efforts to build a park or sub processing area, realize the diversification of industrial investment cooperation, attract large projects settled in the park.

three is a solid promotion of energy-saving emission reduction. to accelerate the implementation of major energy-saving technological transformation projects, urged the Huasheng heat furnace furnace power, Hua Xin’s "hot charging and hot against the" energy saving technology transformation project is completed as soon as possible, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, the full completion of energy-saving and pollution reduction targets and tasks, issued. Do a good job Dahua Industrial Park sewage outfall remediation and 28 administrative villages contiguous comprehensive environmental remediation work to ensure the county’s environmental security.

four is to increase the security funds to support. further increase project grants and subsidized funding for efforts to actively assist the enterprises for national and provincial project grants, loans, and other aspects of the technological transformation of funds, increase the upgrade of enterprises financial support. Give full play to the role of government and enterprise cooperation platform to enhance the operational capacity of SMEs Credit Guarantee Corporation, and strive to coordinate bank loans more than 50 million yuan.


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