66 projects to allow more water supply in Xining City

The main artery of the city, water supply network construction in relation to thousands of households, this year the water supply department to get the funds, 72 million yuan investment in the implementation of a number of water supply project, 66 water supply project is nearing the end of the road "new generation" of water supply pipeline posts.

in recent years, the expansion of the city, the urban population increase, causes of industrial park construction to accelerate the pace of the water demand increased sharply this year’s problems, Xining water supply group launched the "north south water supply network reconstruction project. The transformation of the water supply pipeline Nanshan Road, Nanchuan road and so many, the laying of large diameter water supply pipeline between Lake Avenue and Kunlun Road, sixth, seventh water source continuously distribution to the south of the city, in order to solve the Nanshan Road, Kunlun Road South, East, West Road Nanchuan Nanchuan Industrial Park, residents the problem of inconvenient water etc..

at the same time, this year some of the old city water group is used for a long time, the aging water supply network to conduct a comprehensive renovation, Kunlun Road, Camp Street, Lake Avenue, multiple water supply network transformation, loss rate will be greatly reduced pipeline leakage. Xining city this year, but also with the construction of the Lake District, to carry out the 54 Street extension section, Haiyan Road extension, Kunlun road and other roads of water supply network in the new work, the lake district economic development and residents of water protected. (author: Xiao Yan)


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