Let the flower of civilization bloom in Xining Wang Haihong

In recent years, the Xining municipal government for the many "hit" as the starting point, with the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness as the goal, to carry out a series of activities to create the extremely hard and bitter, has won the "Chinese excellent tourism city", "national garden city", "national sanitary city", "Chinese one of the greatest tourist attractions", "China tourism competitiveness hundred city" and "ten summer tourist city", "Kunlun summer" and the honorary title, and assessed the international disaster reduction Alliance World City of scientific development and the United Nations office for world tourism cities slightly".

in 2010, Xining has a new goal: to create a national civilized city. So what is the most important piece of business card to need what "software" and "hardware"? The day before, the reporter interviewed the Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Civilization Commission Director Wang Haihong, by her for our interpretation of a city".

strives for every point

reporter learned that the central civilization office to develop a "degree of civilization index", which is a comprehensive survey of urban civilization index. Wang Haihong told reporters, in this evaluation system, set up a total of five categories of evaluation, by the five categories constitute a total score of 100 points, if one does not meet the standards, will affect the total score.

"although it seems to be five categories, but it contains the project and the content of the complex, very subtle. It can be said that every point is very easy to get." Wang Haihong told reporters that the city a city to do the evaluation system again for the decomposition of refinement, and to each evaluation content specific to the relevant departments, and all of the city’s participation in the region and department leaders and related personnel of the rotation, so that each have a "landing", if which department work is not in place, then the job is in charge of this department may lose points.

attaches great importance to the ideological and moral work of minors

want to get the title of "national civilized city, minors ideological and moral construction is a" Kaner ", even if other work do good, if the work is not done well, it is not in the final evaluation." Wang Haihong said.

reporter learned that, "the ideological and moral construction of minors" work evaluation system covers 9 items, namely the leadership system and working mechanism, Lei Feng "learning to be a moral person" theme activities, reading Chinese classics, mental health education, rural schools children’s palace, school education, family education and community education, purify the social cultural environment, from the name of the project, it is not difficult to find, the evaluation of minors’ Ideological and moral work, and not just the school unilateral efforts can be achieved, it is the consideration of family, school and the joint efforts of the whole society achievements. Therefore, this also reminded the general public and all departments, should attach great importance to the moral construction of minors, the children really do a good job in place. ;

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