Colorless grass this year will climb some of the wall

has been in Xining, the walls are difficult to see the green, this year will be different "colors" will climb to the part of the wall on the West area.

reporter learned yesterday, this year in west area of street sketch "three-dimensional green colored grass and flower combination, has tentatively set the 324 troops in the wall 620 meters" colored green, while the grass "Victory Road, 54 Avenue overpass and Tongren Road Pedestrian guardrail do kylin Bay grass flowers three-dimensional green, has now identified scheme, ongoing bidding, construction is expected to start in mid April, mid May to complete the project, capital budget is 3 million yuan. At the same time, the west area will be in the construction of Ledu County nursery, covers an area of 200 acres, has now completed the survey and measurement of boundaries, signed a contract with the farmers, at the beginning of the nursery in planting seedlings, the initial investment of 600 thousand yuan of funds, a total investment of 4 million yuan. In addition, the new Kunlun Xi Lu Yuan Liu Zhai Lu Qing large turntable green space and park infrastructure maintenance and landscape renovation project, has completed the design drawings, will start construction in mid April to the end of August to complete. The spring seedling replanting work carried out in late March, as of April 10th, 75 thousand strains have been planted shrubs (pier), the main water wax, lilac, red sun Jin Yeyu and the introduction of the new Lee ball, Prunus cistena ball ten varieties of trees planted more than 100 strains of replanting trees is expected to more than 1000 strains completed at the end of April. (author: Zhang)

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