Efforts to build a network of outer ring traffic pattern of Xining to speed up the pace of high spee

Our province’s first two-way six lane highway – Xining South Expressway left all through yesterday; North South Qaidam Hehuang waterway to Kunlun Avenue has started construction; North Qaidam Road South to South Ring Expressway West Street will start at the end of construction…… In an effort to build the "outer ring network" city traffic pattern, Xining city to further accelerate the pace of a high-speed link ring closure of 70 kilometers, the city traffic pressure will effectively alleviate the traffic environment change.

through traffic, traffic network, through the optimization of aortic microcirculation. The outer ring network construction including the Ministry of transportation, Xining city to undertake 94 projects, focus on the implementation of the 8 highway connecting line construction, realize the city, even in high speed external and internal circulation, and built the "outer ring network" center city half hour expressway system; accelerate the extension of 5 trunk road construction, strengthen urban traffic and three county; relocation of 2 highways, 1 expressways, 49 primary roads built, built urban trunk road network coordinate system; 18 new branches, improve the urban traffic "small cycle" system.

at present, the main city of Xining new road mileage of 86 kilometers, the new road area of 2 million 310 thousand square meters, the main road network center city "four horizontal and eleven vertical ring" has been basically completed. South Ring Road as the center of the city to the East and west fast channel, supplemented by the city to enhance the North-South traffic. Jianguo South Road and the transformation of the southern section of the bridge after the main street, Bayi Road, etc., effectively completed the urban road grid Bureau, and enhance the urban service functions. City slow system has started construction along the beautiful park, Beishan Huangshui River, Nanchuan River City Green Road 150 kilometers, facilitate green travel.

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