Do retail business should be good at using the Alipay whole

said that Alipay smart and convenient payment, many people are very familiar with, because the intelligent mobile phone on their own have such a APP. However, many of the retail owners still insist on cash payment, to many people shopping trouble. Shop for many years, I have been insisting on cash cashier. Sometimes customers buy cigarettes with big money, it can not only open to the supermarket next door or snack some change, it is very convenient in the course of contacts.

a few days ago to go to the supermarket, the supermarket can see Alipay payment scan code. So I left a heart that night home Internet search, I found that this small shop can also use Alipay to pay. This is not correct can help me solve the trouble of the past? Now the electricity supplier so popular, if my shop can also support Alipay payment, not a payment channel? It is convenient for customers. Sure enough, there are a lot of customers to use and reflect to me that this method is really good, out of cash can also be convenient shopping.

era is changing, we need to operate the business according to the changes of the times, and can not be immutable. So, in the era when doing business, since Alipay has a convenience so, and in the market has been very high recognition, so that owners naturally need to be good at using such equipment, bring convenience to customers, will make your business more popular.

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