Jiangsu how to deal with the quality catch up the

in an emphasis on the integration of the times, a lot of the Internet industry has been developed, but the development of the real economy is worrying! The Jiangsu economic development has entered the quality of catch-up period, relying on the shop stalls on a new level. We should put the irresistible trend of the Internet combined with the irreplaceable advantage in the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing industry to seize the "wisdom" of high intelligence, and vigorously develop the real economy, and strive to achieve the transformation of the customs, the phoenix.

today, the Internet is becoming an infrastructure, data is becoming a means of production, computing is becoming a public service, the traditional manufacturing industry is bound to happen reborn change. Only grab the Internet era of time window, so that manufacturing has a brain, to keep online, to stand on the air, to win the advantage.

from the German industrial 4 to the United States, re industrialization, developed countries have to seize the high-end manufacturing. India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other developing countries, with lower labor costs to create a competitive advantage. Breakthrough such a two-way squeeze, we must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, to achieve the manufacturing of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Zhi made up.

Jiangsu has always attached great importance to the traditional industry, manufacturing has been the cornerstone of the development of Jiangsu. Rich human resources of science and education, but also the development of intelligent manufacturing strong power source (600405, stock it). Combining the advantages of the two areas, intelligent manufacturing can become a "multiplier" of economic growth in Jiangsu, the development of the "converter", "industrial upgrading" booster".

intelligent manufacturing in the wisdom of the first effort. Through intelligent equipment, digital design, production automation, management modernization, marketing services , so that the Internet has made the Internet, become more intelligent. How to tell the machine production from the past, to provide their own machine production plan; from the past production scale standardization, to customized personalized production; from the past to the product as the center of production, to user centered production.

development of intelligent manufacturing, must find the fixed point. On the one hand, we have to do a good job in the stock of the article, increase investment in technical transformation, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, and strive to achieve the digital transformation of manufacturing. On the other hand, it is necessary to do an incremental article, pay attention to the original, leading innovation, promote innovation and transformation of applications, and vigorously develop the Internet of things, robotics, intelligent equipment and other emerging industries.

Jiangsu how to deal with the quality of catch-up period? Through the above introduction, we can see that the government has taken a series of effective measures, hoping that in the near future we can see significant results! Bigger and stronger intelligent manufacturing, soft environment is essential. Should pay attention to play the power of the market, protect the entrepreneur of the heart of the industry, to further recommend

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