Yu Chang food brand

China’s well-known local food manufacturers also have a lot of each brand has its own brand characteristics, small series today dedicated to recommend for all food. So what about food?

Food Co., Ltd. was established in Harbin in 1981, after nearly thirty years of hard work, the rapid development of nearly a hundred stores. There are six kinds of products, such as licensing, irrigation, meat products, bean products, chicken series, bread and other staple foods. With fixed assets of about fifty million yuan, a variety of professional equipment, more than and 200 units. Harbin Yue Chang food sales increased year by year, from 2006 to 2007 sales of over billion. Yu Chang food has a hundred years of secret court, the party chairman Jiao Yuchang, combined with modern technology and health nutrition, the million development experience, to reach the pinnacle of perfection, the formation of a huge intangible assets.

Yucang foodstuff has won the "Chinese brand", "international famous food quality star", "national quality standards of food", "China International Food Exposition", "China food industry AAA certification", "consumer trust in food", Harbin Yucang foodstuff to join the "Heilongjiang province Mianjian products". Access to QS market security access eligibility.

company has explored a road of entrepreneurship, standing on the starting line of the new century, the eyes of the future. Yu Chang believes that it is not easy to build a brand, it is difficult to maintain a good brand. After entering the market, the company will use the new vision to see the market to change the tide to explore new business ideas, business philosophy, to create greater glories.

now Yucang foodstuff out a grand blueprint for the company development, established to create brilliant century brand enterprise "new ideas, new targets for the revitalization of the national economy, and the people of a country in promoting China socialist cause of the great journey, the new composition of scientific development, a harmonious society exciting.

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