Emotional display can make the store more attractive

each operator is aware of the need to store the display work to do in place, however, different operators, the understanding of the commodity display will naturally be different. And people have feelings, physical property. Speaking from the office, a store that is "one of the world". Speaking from a small, a commodity category, a single commodity goods, can also be said to be a "world"". It is through their own emotions and vision, in the creation of every customer to forget the world".

follow the physical properties to display

in fresh fruits and vegetables, should let the customer feel "Spring Garden", is the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables fragrance, make people in the green sea, was a heavy harvest.

to achieve this effect, this layout: fresh fruits and vegetables to the whole area with the main colors of green, light yellow and blue to strengthen the feeling, with a strong white light visual effect; in the premise of ensuring the fresh fruit, a large area using various shapes of baskets containing fruits and vegetables, people a return to natural intimacy, promotional pile to avoid Affirmative or rectangular type can be stereotyped, triangle, star and other shapes, you can even use the promotional display tube.

now consumers are increasingly seeking healthy, nutritious and delicious, the display can be made in stores each origin of goods, edible methods, storage methods, nutritional value, suitable for people to be introduced, with the video shop advertising, to tell customers how to choose fresh fruits, with the shop, relaxing music in the sound, color, taste and sense are available under the premise, the probability will naturally increase customer impulse buying.

display embodies the concept of human nature

efforts to release the human side of each commodity. For example, do display appliance area, TV, computer, electric fans, washing machine, air conditioner and so on must show their functions like a peacock, in order to obtain the favor of customers; make the book area of the display, should be designed, with doors and windows carved antique "sanweishuwu type. Secondly, the shelves of books to be innovative, can be a variety of different types, different colors, with Art Deco shelves. Make people feel fresh. Along with the "contemporary music sanweishuwu, will let customers feel the breath of the books at the same time, into the knowledge of the temple.

efforts to do a good job of details, highlighting personality. A huge store, signs of import and export, a few simple leisure stool, toilet signs and so on, all reflect the personality of the details; show tips in the district posted eye protection lamp; the toothbrush toothpaste sales posted a place to tell you the importance of brushing in the morning and evening, tell you how long a replacement the benefits of a toothbrush.

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