Small business Jie opened a clothing store to change his own hard life

anyone venture onto the road to success, but to choose their own love interest in the industry is more likely to succeed, below small make a small Jie for the majority of entrepreneurs opened a clothing store story, hoping to inspire the entrepreneur. Now, Auntie career appears to be very smooth, like a small boss, but that childish and grievances of the year, Bosco said: "a small clothing store is not easy! Now I and I, is two people. The gift of the gab, really become a business man."

Bosco is 27 years old this year, in October 1999, she followed a few classmates, friends ran from Daishan County Qushan Island job dinghai. No working experience in her classmates with the help of a sister in a clothing store, when the people of North Dinghai played a salesperson. Due to the small Jie introverted, so she could only silently accompany the customer side, do not know how to take the initiative to attract customers. A month later, she ended her first job in her life as a euphemism for the boss. When leaving the door, she accidentally heard the boss with her friends said her sentence: this little mother did not sound, the guests came, move also do not move, wood people, business has been done without her." Stubborn personality, she walked out of the door of the moment, dark determination, one day, she will have a clothing store.

"could have been saying, did not consider, but later they really become the boss, only to find the boss really difficult to do." Bosco giggle.

Bosco said, although in recent years after the social training, doing things is no longer childish, but after all, is the first time I make the world different from working for others. Remember the first time into the goods, there are 40% of the backlog. Because there is no concept, a small clothing store like a department store, like everything, mess, therefore, the first month on the loss of 1500 yuan, which can be regarded as a large number of. The first second months, Bosco feel both in attitude, or about cheap clothes, more than a month has improved, but why still not popular? Auntie and her two friends always do not think the crux of the problem is. One day, because the store business is not good, small Jie and her boyfriend up, her boyfriend said some angry: "you want to shop, now open to what, out of order, what clothes are, not mortar store."

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