Business may be more praise

no matter what kind of person, I am afraid that can not be against the praise of others, therefore, the daily life of more praise, I believe will be of great help to their interpersonal communication. If it is to do business, more praise, but also will help a lot of their business. Therefore, if you want a hot business, more praise, will help you create greater benefits oh.

with the fierce competition in the market, more and more retail stores. Why some supermarket business so prosperous, and some supermarket business is more difficult to do? From my years of experience, I think the most important thing is to establish a close relationship with the customer.

one night, two customers to buy milk, a customer to pick up a bottle of milk, shilly-shally to another customer said: "Mom, the supermarket side is bigger than the supermarket, there are other brands of milk, more choice. Shall we go to that house?" To see another older customer a little hesitation, I went on to say: "did not see it, so you are a mother and daughter ah! I thought you were sisters!"

saw the mother’s face with a smile: "yes, when my daughter went to high school, I went to the parents’ meeting. Her teachers and classmates said we were sisters! This brand of milk is good, just buy it here! The milk in the supermarket is almost the same. It’s a lot of trouble." In this way, I inadvertently praise, they retain the customer.

a lot of time, because of a casual word, which can attract others, to promote business. So, sometimes, inadvertently a compliment, will allow customers to have a favorable impression, thereby avoiding the outflow of customers. Fellow friends, when the customer into the shop, might as well some praise, perhaps your words more than a reason for customers to choose.

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