To be able to do business with gratitude to all business customers

often see the owner of a bad attitude towards customers, even in the event of a very large conflict, if this is the attitude of service, but also how to ensure that the shop business booming development? People often say that "the customer is God", I say, the customer is our God operator. What business do you do without customers? More customers, popularity, you can get into the business, the business is booming. Then you said, you can not be grateful to the customer?

some operators heard this, he may buy goods, not to regard it as right, I provide the consumer goods they need to give them, is a kind of cooperative relationship between supply and demand, what their humble. If you have this idea, you’re wrong. You know, but a man is not humble, the principles of doing business.

sales of goods is not your business, and the purchase of goods, but only one individual, you should ask yourself: what people buy you here and not elsewhere to sell it? So, in the course of the operation, for some new and old customers have to express their gratitude, the old customer is your best resource, new customers will bring you opportunities.

to the customer’s gratitude, from the store atmosphere, service, for the sake of customers, you have to let the customer feel, so as to increase their "back"". We see that in many places in the service industry, you just entered the door, the service staff will say to you "welcome", and you go out, people will say welcome to come next time and so on.

why people are so polite to you, that is, businesses hold a heart of thanksgiving to you, whether you do not consume consumers, who are the guests. It’s not as if a customer comes to you to buy a commodity. Only with a heart of gratitude to the customers, they will think of you next time they go shopping.

I remember last winter, one of the neighboring town into a number of new electric hot pot, sales more prosperous, that this situation, I went to visit, I want to enter some of the sales. Just entered this individual supermarket, the boss came up, it is natural to pass a cigarette, and said the sentence: brother, come! What do you want to buy? In fact, the boss did not know me, but this cigarette, a word, but suddenly the distance between two people, so I feel a very comfortable feeling.

customers can now buy a lot of places, as a business operator, if you do not do a good job of service, can not win the recognition of customers, but also how to attract customers, the development of the store business? So, let us embrace the gratitude to do business, will be of great help to the development of the store business.

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