Entrepreneurs successful break trap what are the principles of

entrepreneurial success may not always be successful, but you are a temporary appearance, however, the entrepreneurial market is now a lot of people who are easy to fall into the trap of success. In fact, perhaps your success will lead you to fly for some time, your customers will still buy in this period of time. However, in the end, your customers will never be the same thing you have a passion for things, they will slowly get tired of. In contrast, your competitors have been in the process of self invention, then the customer to camp time is coming. Here, Xiao Bian will put forward to you the five major principles of success trap:

principle 1: ask the right questions. Successful companies are willing to pursue customer satisfaction. Innovative companies are keen to locate and explore the needs of users and customers do not meet the new desire. So you have to ask is what your customers feel that your products have what is missing, rather than ask what they like your product.

principle two: self challenge. When you become the first person to succeed in a certain area, your competitors will soon begin to imitate. At this point you should not stop to wait and see, or sleep like a hare in a tortoise and hare race, but should always urge yourself to come up with a plan and a way of doing things to reform existing programs.

principle three: when the new market is not very large, it is necessary to quickly invest in new products for verification. When you are successful, you tend to be able to change the innovation only when the market is big enough. But do you really want an emerging market to grow enough to attract enough attention to make time for it? Maybe you should think it over. By the time the market is big enough to mature, your competitors will be on top of it! You’ve lost your first mover advantage! So, what you should do is to take advantage of the other side is not stable, or when it is not aware of the time to strike out, the rapid occupation of the market, the opponent strangled in infancy.

principle four: invest more resources in innovation. Once you have succeeded, you will be able to withstand failure. Will you try to find a can let the success of constant protection, but will forget the bloody experience. This is not right, this time you should create an innovative team out, and give the team permission to fail, so that they can create the next great thing out.

principle five: embrace failure. In a successful business, rewards and recognition are often awarded to winners. But don’t forget that today’s success and success are based on past failures. So it should not be too much to see today’s failures and failures to make your employees feel questioned and frustrated. Instead, you should change your mind. Authorized to you >

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