Do you know how to open a shoe store

venture to do business in many details are very important, the site is a more important aspect, a lot of people want to get rich through the shop, but what is a good choice? In recent years, fashion shoes are widely popular, open a home can be described as a good shoe. However, how to operate in order to successfully open a home fashion shoes? This paper made a detailed introduction, with Xiaobian to see it.

first, the site is very important, we must have enough traffic to ensure.

two, according to the main customer base of the purchasing power and demand characteristics choose the kind of shoes; can also have characteristics, such as a variety of monopoly.

three, integrity management, do not cheat guests, a penny.

four, think of ideas such as advertising, advertising, so that at the same time in the case of a number of competition, the customer’s eyes will stay longer in your store.

five, providing solutions. For example, as a shoe owner, only to ensure that the quality of shoes sold is not enough. Do you want to know how to help customers find employment right, decent clothing sales staff, to provide delivery service for customers, and willing to accept special orders.

six, truly respect the customer. Most of the stores are chanting the slogan of respect for their customers, but only a handful of them. You know, the rude way to sell is not only a result of employees listless, rude and without enthusiasm. Goods messy, placed unreasonable, no signs, price confusion and so on are not respected customers. A good shoe shop will transform the basic concept of respect into a series of specific operations around people, policies and the environment.

seven, and customers to establish emotional ties. Most shoe shops ignore the opportunity to communicate with their customers and focus too much on price. However, low price commitments may be able to cater to the customer’s rational requirements, but can not stimulate their emotional needs. How to open a shoe store? Many shoe shops have made mistakes that ignore customer emotions.

they only pay attention to the price to attract customers, blindly adjust the cost of the province, not to mention the refreshing feeling of a new shoe store environment. On the contrary, an excellent shoe store strives to build a feeling of closeness, affection and trust with the customer. For example, Journeys chain store to create a cultural atmosphere in line with the characteristics of young people.

eight, make fair and reasonable price, not the lowest price. Many shoe shops use false price cuts to stimulate consumer spending, resulting in loss of trust. A good shoe store knows the value of the customer experience. They implement the principle of fair pricing, appropriate to carry out promotions, will not increase the price in the case of a sudden increase in demand

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