Do you know how to seize the customer’s skills

grasp the basic skills of the customer you mastered it, if you are still worried about this, we first look at this article. In the post industrialization era, which is rich in commodities and saturated in the market, customer relationship is the most valuable asset of the business.

package you grasp the basic skills of customers, their business relationship skills are also more Chinese disdain for the insignificant skill, and our generous, three-dimensional, long-term, broad and profound, the extraordinary as if done by the spirits "relation" is not what can be compared. So, here I will naturally not handle with the characteristics of China display slight skill before an expert, "the relationship between learning skills, even in the field of business.


want to explore, is that Westerners accumulated in the long-term market economy practice by "insignificant skill", is purely from a professional point of view, how to cultivate and maintain customer relationship, to do a little embellishment of our quintessence for everyone to learn, in a purely commercial operation. After all, the composition of the market economy continues to spread in our country, the law will always be relevant to a certain extent, to a certain extent, play a role.

special on the Internet, to small and medium-sized enterprises, believe there is still considerable value. Talk about the development of customer relationships, the most basic you have a long-term concept. In other words, customer relations can not be developed overnight, it is a slow worker, is a fine job. The truth is we with "a long line to catch a big fish" and "relationship" techniques. Regardless of the fish big fish small, the relationship between the development of fishing patience, but not three days fishing nets for two days. So, how long? Advertising, it is necessary to do a long-term plan, a long-term plan.

if you all ready, ready to launch in 123, several media that good, you have to build a detailed database record for advertising time, location, frequency, effect, better arrangement and so on, not only do a line arrangement. Marketing practice has proved that you need at least three of the potential customers in the line of sight, they may begin to pay attention to you, at least seven times, people may be really interested in you. Like the real business environment, there are more and more fierce competition on the internet.


in the customer base will be more and more big, your product (service)

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