After the Tianjin property market changes on

2016 years, the national holiday showed a trend of inflation, many cities naturally include Tianjin. A lot of people will be on the property market in Tianjin in a wait and see state, after the year, the overall price of Tianjin showed a downward trend, but also reduced turnover, specific data analysis as follows.

I love my home market strategy development center statistics, urban and suburban housing turnover fell sharply last month. Among them, the city’s six districts in 2017 in the new house turnover of only 62 thousand square meters, while in December 2016 the volume of 266 thousand square meters. Binhai New Area turnover accounted for 33% of the total volume of the city, the city of Dongli district to take the lead in the District, the outer suburbs are still dominated by the Wuqing area.

transaction price, Binhai New Area, new home transaction prices fell 19%, around the city of the district rose by 3%, other regions fell slightly in. According to statistics, the city’s six districts of new houses in January the transaction price of 33936 yuan / square meter, around the city of the district is 17459 yuan / square meter, Binhai New Area is $11400 / square meter, outer suburb area of 10213 yuan / square meter. In December last year, the city’s six districts of the new house transaction price of 34169 yuan / square meter, the city of the District of the transaction price of 16910 yuan / square meter.

with the macro policy market is coming, let the Tianjin holiday gradually soared sharply cooling, has become the focus of public attention, plus investment in the housing market and the heat receded, now just need to housing as the main demand of the coming era. Real estate launch of the new site weakened, so that more people see the normalization of the property market.

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