Analysis of the development of the five major errors in the franchise market

The change and development of the

era, changing people’s living consumption concept, to provide a great market space for the development of the beauty industry, but as an emerging industry, even in the face of the current beauty market is hot in the franchise development, brand management still exist many adverse attitudes and behavior.

beauty alliance development fallacy: market competition is the brand competition

in most enterprises did not make clear what is the brand, has invested heavily in advertising and all kinds of promotional activities, but also full of tricks, regardless of beauty and ugliness, can make the company famous for. The once famous, that work has been successful, can enjoy the. Many of the original well-known brands, such as today’s thin Xishan, the scenery is no longer ignored the construction of the sales network, did not realize that the material basis of the brand is the network, the truth.

beauty development errors two: as long as the increase in physical promotional efforts, you can have a network of

beauty industry popular promotion to "big gift", advertisements and every kind of promotion will be summed up the essence of one sentence: "I can send more than others, so you choose me to be discerning". A similar "ten thousand to five thousand", "ten thousand to ten thousand", "air conditioning" and "send a car", "travel" to eat it with the sound can be heard without end more and more industries, "well-known lecturer" exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, lively and extraordinary beauty, to draw a large farmers market. Agent, join the beauty salon, consumer card, and has a network, seems to be Everything will be fine.. But the network is not really secure.

beauty alliance development fallacy three: training is the education service marketing, is the most effective way to promote

so far, the training (including investment, the provincial training and terminal will be) is the most important way to promote the enterprise industry. More than once, sales will rise a little; less open a meeting, sales fell some; not a meeting, is almost dead. Therefore, the training will like cannons, cannon sounds, huangjinwanliang". But now the effectiveness of training seems to be getting smaller and smaller, but in addition to the training, what can we do?. Newspapers and magazines such as "education service marketing training". I have repeatedly observed such training, the scene is really interesting. The training is the key to the well-known lecturer, lecturer, touching the topic, exaggerated facial expressions, to deduce the most training will be the most touching scene: beauty salon owner tears, sobbing in order to join or contract their beautiful name. This is MLM company opened training will be more exciting, can be described as "The students surpass the teacher. master". Just such a training, beauty salon boss did not get a real upgrade, experience more, see Recommendation

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