68 year old toss about ten million property

life is frustrating, in order to entrepreneurial dreams not mediocrity, keep trying, keep failing, keep fighting, we can see the rainbow of hope, a 68 year old man was aware of this truth, his business history is a history of hundred-percent "zheteng"!

and now he is 68 years old, still aspiring to "toss", 10 years.

– Li Xianzhang entrepreneurial resume

1965 to 1970, shipped to Ji’nan in 1970 to sell the broom; in 1984, working as a salesman in Li Zhuang broom factory; from 1984 to 1990, the Li Zhuang broom factory, and native business in Ji’nan; from 1990 to 2003, the building materials and logistics business in Guangdong; in 2006, Lee founded cashmere textile Co. Ltd. in Yucheng.

in front of Li Xianzhang, wearing a clean and smooth dark blue wool shirt, straight black trousers, shiny shoes, hair is sparse grey, but neatly combed back, walk fast and stable, no less than twenty year old boy. He spoke concise, from time to time to squint, gave a sly smile.

This is

"speculation" in

two mixed into the rich

1940 years, Li Xianzhang was born in Dezhou, twenty Li Li village, Yucheng. Childhood life is full of bitterness and bitterness for him, when the family in addition to their parents, as well as a sister, four people with a population of three acres of land, poor even eat a problem. More than and 10 years old, because they can not afford to pay the tuition fee of $10 a year, Li Xianzhang left the school for a period of 5 years, dropping out of school to go home.

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