Hainan youth entrepreneurship community will be built

do any of the things are in fact about the entrepreneurial environment, so, if the surrounding are entrepreneurs, not only a good atmosphere, but also can help each other, therefore, the local governments have established various entrepreneurial community. The Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of small business partners, or to travel to Hainan venture partners, the benefits come! Hainan to build a youth entrepreneurial community!

It is reported that

, the Communist Youth League Committee of Hainan County in the Republic of North District intends to build "Hainan youth entrepreneurship community", mainly by the business area, service area, living area, leisure area composed of four modules, for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship matchmaking, create a set of business consulting, entrepreneurship training, business incubation, business promotion, technology leading product promotion, living facilities as one of the youth entrepreneurship complex development zone.

, the Communist Youth League Committee of Hainan established Hainan youth entrepreneurship community construction and implementation plan, the youth entrepreneurship community construction objectives, basic principles, construction steps, youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial community policies for supporting the introduction of the project and exit the program, will focus on youth entrepreneurship policy and grasp the initial stage to obtain information asymmetry, start-up capital, professional Co. staff guidance and tracking is not in place, the lack of market development, to provide the policy, loans, life, information and other aspects of support and services for enterprises, enterprises to achieve a virtuous cycle of cultivation in mature.

to establish such an entrepreneurial community, it is natural for people to start a business can have a greater help, to this end, the government has provided a number of enterprises to support the settled. Settled enterprises will enjoy the support of the cost, loan support, financial support, life support, information support five areas of support. Among them, life support, will be settled outside the county of young entrepreneurs to provide cheap accommodation, the latter will introduce restaurants, convenience stores, gym and other facilities, and gradually form a mutual sharing, entrepreneurship and independent management type "acquaintance community".

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