90 entrepreneurial shop operating skills inventory

now is an era of entrepreneurship, but also a national entrepreneurial period, there are many entrepreneurs especially young people some 90 also have started to get out of the house, go on the road of entrepreneurial wealth.

90 how to start? Cosmetics shop

1) location: near bus stop, near cell;

2): the starting investment capital of 500 thousand yuan, the general location of a better store rent of about 200 thousand yuan / year, the purchase cost control in 100 thousand yuan, the best agent for cosmetics with nursing service guidance, a single brand, such as Herborist, can avoid to find their own purchase channels, advanced equipment and a series of complicated affairs.

if you do a single, purchase could first go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find sources, the first suppliers to explain the situation, each product advanced 1-2 samples, to avoid the purchase cost too much, in the varieties, daily necessities can be given into the more, such as moisturizing, cleansing and other basic health care products, and scrub dead skin frost is less appropriate, these products use a relatively small crowd. Some of the necessary equipment, such as introducing instrument, ion spray, beauty bed and water heaters, also need to configure, cost about 80 thousand yuan; 3) business: customer pull customers, cosmetics profit is very lucrative, most brands will give retailers of not less than 30% discount.

90 how to start? Join the clothing store

advantage: today’s clothing consumption advocating personality, wear trend of leisure, diversification, personalization, "Hongkong" to "only this one" clothing, just seize the people "is not the same with others" vanity. Moreover, because you can travel on public expenses, the purchase of the fare is saved, so a lot of cost reduction, is a good business choice.

disadvantage: an obvious point, is the high cost of clothing, which had higher pricing, and love to buy clothing in the private shops, mostly holding cheap Amoy goods and market psychology, due to competition between crazy price behavior, which makes people see the same high priced clothing that will have to spend so much money than to the mall to buy brand goods "mentality.

90 how to start? Tea chain

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