Entrepreneurial hot spots creating a home for young entrepreneurs behind the community

now young people become a trend, and the state has also given entrepreneurs great support and encouragement in all aspects have formulated relevant policies to support entrepreneurship, to encourage young entrepreneurs, alleviate the domestic employment pressure.

2014 Premier Li Keqiang proposed: to set off in the 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land, the public entrepreneurship, grassroots entrepreneurship, the new wave, the formation of the people of innovation, innovation and new trend. This year, Li Keqiang in the government work report also put forward: to the public entrepreneurship, people innovation to promote the Chinese economy to continue to move forward, one of the twin engines.

this "off the record" and "public record space" and other fresh word became the year’s NPC and CPPCC hot words. The local government to actively expand innovation and entrepreneurship groups, to create a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship; all sectors of the industry in response to entrepreneurship, innovation, the development of public space, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

talk intention: simple and efficient, fast, realize the youth entrepreneurial dream

reporter: fan, Hello, can we have a chat with the founding team building a community homesick mind?

like once we need guidance and help the youth a recommendation

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