Feng Lun the godfather of the real estate industry needs perseverance and patience

said Wantong, I believe most people think of the first time von lun. Indeed, in the real estate industry, Feng Lun is a noteworthy figure. Next, let’s walk into Feng Lun together!

character: Feng Lun: real estate industry

1959, Feng Lun was born in Shaanxi, Xi’an, his father is the head of corporate union. In his impression, was born in an impoverished landlord family’s father, in the new social system, a timid, weak, unruly.

1982 Feng Lun graduated from the Northwestern University, first to the Central Party school for two years, then worked in the Central Party school, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Commission, the Wuhan Municipal Economic Commission and the Hainan provincial office, can be said to the future. However, he chose to go into business.

1993, Feng Lun, Wantong real estate in Beijing, to participate in the creation of China Minsheng Bank, and as the bank’s business director. Planning and leading the acquisition of securities companies in Shaanxi Province, Wuhan International Trust and Investment Corporation, northeast Hualian and other enterprises, so that Wantong Group in a few years, the total assets of more than 3 billion yuan.

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