What are the domestic wine sales terminal

drinks market is one of the most important components of the Chinese market, because of the reasons for China’s national conditions, there are a lot of brands, each year to create wealth is naturally huge. But if you want to do a good job related to the business, naturally also need to know the terminal product sales. Also, for the wine brand sales, consumption is always an important link to join venture drinks, the consumer terminal also determines a wine brand sales, domestic wine sales will have what terminal?

domestic wine to join, will produce some terminals, each terminal has driven the rapid rise of some wine makers also eliminated some did not follow the development of the times and development direction of wine, wine must adapt to the development of the terminal, the only way to talent shows itself.

the first terminal — super

before the reform and opening up, the main planned economy, the catering industry is not developed, beverage sales terminals are mainly concentrated in the super. The main purpose of people’s consumption is the gift and wedding, consumption places mainly in the home. There were no other terminals. Super sales of wine is the main channel terminal. Until now, the main business is the non terminal channels of drinking water.

second is terminal — Hotel

reform and opening up, with the development of economy, the rise of the hotel, the hotel beverage consumption has become a new terminal. Part of the wine merchants to buy out the hotel, control the beverage consumption in the hotel, the rapid rise. Beverage consumption in the hotel is the main channel of the beverage market. This stage is the main business and the hotel is the main terminal and divided the world. According to relevant data, that is, the consumption of the consumer market even more than non drink sales channels.

third terminal — buy

this is a consumer terminal with Chinese characteristics, very few foreign research channels to separate this channel. After the hotel drinks monopoly, the price doubled, the interests of consumers suffered damage, bring their own drinks become inevitable. Bring your own beverage to all the customers who bought wine in the hotel directly from the beverage manufacturer.

a number of entrepreneurial projects to join the trend of wine suppliers to do the market directly to the consumer, the implementation of the terminal interception of the hotel consumers, especially for some small wine providers to provide a rapid growth opportunities. Foreign wine merchants to enter the Chinese market is only metaphysical into the Super Hotel and the hotel, did not realize the special nature of the Chinese market, which is also a reason for their acclimatized.

no matter what kind of channel into the beverage business in the big market, but even if the beverage sales in the end where it is not clear, so how to make their own

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