Businessmen should be calm and not angry

is now a lot of business people very irritable temper, no matter what kind of things are cool enough, once the temper after up is doing business, also be careless with, how to make the business more prosperous, can have more customers? Last week, a wine delivery truck crashed the process of her mother’s home.

after the incident, the driver did not mean to apologize, but blame the mother should not be on the road side of the goods. A well meaning passers-by, the driver before promised compensation 30 yuan money to buy damaged goods, but the money was not handed to Cheng Popo’s hand, but dropped it on the ground. The driver is more won’t listen to reason and did not take away the bad goods, but temper goods will be kicked over.

later, I heard Cheng mother said, this winery has money in her hand, but why are they so arrogant? The driver didn’t expect him to ride home store is doing, even if it is also to distinguish between objects and bandits as particular occasions, is to contact the business drivers at this time is actually a business person, even if he does not understand things crashed to compensation should also know that an apology is necessary, but blindly the blame should not put the goods on the roadside what logic is this. Failing to escape, but the courage to take the wrong, after consultation to solve the problem, this is the businessman should have reason.

also to remind the foreign counterparts in the delivery and receipt of consignment, be careful driving. In the communication with the customer, we must pay attention to their words, but once the signs wrong, nothing to strangle in the cradle. In addition, even at the end of the year for market opportunities, will never be as jeeves.

does not say that the business is not good to do now, very fierce competition between each other. Even if the business is good to do, the customer is not asking us to tell grandpa grandma, such a service attitude, but also how to get customer recognition? In short, business people still have to comply with their own "and" strictly abide by their own "backyard" no fire in harmony, and to make money.

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