Turning waste into treasure small business opportunities

bamboo we all know, bamboo shoots shell is something, I believe that many people do not know. In fact, at the time of bamboo was born, wrapped in bamboo shoots will have a shell outside, play a role in the protection of bamboo. As the bamboo grows, it will continue to fall off naturally, and now even holding it for rural feel trouble, also let it decay with time to dust fertilizer. In fact,

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2, bamboo shell insoles: with bamboo shell shell shell almost the same nature, but more suitable for small business, the need for less capital investment.

3, bamboo shell snack box: bamboo shell after special enzyme decomposition, non-toxic and tasteless, bamboo shell snack box production, can solve the white pollution caused by foam tableware, and can effectively solve the pollution caused by the bamboo shell, the bamboo industry development and obtain more profits, the bamboo farmers income, enterprise income, complementary advantages, win-win development. Using bamboo shell insulation board production, made the better sound insulation effect than the foam insulation board, and non-toxic, does not emit toxic gases, high quality insulation material, can be exported to Japan and other countries, to increase the income of foreign exchange.

4, bamboo shoot shell stickers: bamboo shoot shell made of Arts and crafts heap painting, it is to imitate the appearance of the scene, color, pattern, with bamboo shoots shell by artificial shear >

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