Wallace join fee

fast food joined Wallace, why? Compared with other fast food brands, there are three reasons for choosing Wallace: low consumption, low cost and low cost of cooperation. So Wallace join the cost is how much?

Wallace join fee

Wallace is well-known domestic fast-food franchise brand Western fast-food franchise brand, is the largest local Chinese a set of product development, production, sales as one of the western fast food company, is currently in the country 23 provinces opened more than 1300 restaurant chains, has a staff of 25000 people, the company staff uniform training time for 24 days / year.

low cost of raw materials, logistics, low cost, low operation cost, has strong competitiveness in the local market, Wallace advocate green, environmental protection, health service concept, the company’s products, both delicious and quality, fashion and creative leader, favored by the vast number of consumers. The company headquarters has a strong management system and rich experience in market operation, management model, the company through the process of operating platform, product development, production, sales, supply as a whole, the introduction of Western technology combined with Chinese catering management mode, which is more consistent with the needs of the market Chinese.

joined Wallace, the total amount of store investment is generally 30-50 million (including kitchen equipment, tables and chairs equipment, store decoration, transfer fees and rents, the first batch of raw materials, etc.). For example, to open a shop to 300 thousand yuan, you accounted for a total investment of 20% of the shares is about $60 thousand, accounting for about 30% of the shares of investment, and so on, and so on. Operating margin of 40%-50%, net profit was 15%-25%, the average daily turnover of $3000-6000. Employee turnover = net profit – salary (about 10) – the cost of raw materials – rent utilities etc.. Each store is generally the monthly net profit of 2-4 million yuan, the normal monthly dividend, dividend distribution according to the proportion of shares. Wallace joined the fee is at least 340 thousand yuan, mainly including the joining fee: $0; brand use fee: 10 thousand yuan; equipment and material costs: $60 thousand; working capital: 10 thousand yuan; employee wages of $120 thousand / year, etc..

on the cost of joining only so much, and I hope all of you help!

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