How to open the glasses store market positioning

glasses shop is now more than a lot of friends favorite decorations or necessities, a lot of friends want to open an optical shop, then open an optical shop, how to do a good job in the market positioning it? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, before the opening of the glasses store market research and positioning:

: we need to understand our own to open a shop like? Large store? Medium or small shop shop?? is the shop? Or stores? Then you can choose according to different needs, different ways to operate, if not the first to set their own framework for the next big start it is certainly less effective, dedicated.

then we will make a market survey, such as near our store (at least around more than one kilometer, the bigger the better) now what are the glasses store? Famous or not famous? How their business volume? Reputation? Their market position is high-grade or low-grade file in the frame and lenses are operating some? What kind of pricing? (especially contact lenses and the public have medicine pricing).

do not underestimate the shop before the work! Although it seems these seem of no great importance in the novice!! the grandson says: know thyself, know yourself, we want to open a new store, it must be in the existing shop hands grab a part of the source, if we do not understand each other, how to make a market the marketing strategy of? But if you don’t do the work in front of the shop, then in the shop after you have too much time and energy to the.

two, open glasses shop careful analysis

after the first step, we have enough data in hand, then we must have to calm down to analyze competitors. We must understand that the opponent is the operation mode and strategy of what kind of? What are their strengths? Will give the customer what impressions? What is their problem? How can we avoid even use such deficiencies? They have customers in the main in which customers? What are the customer no take care of


a new store opening, must carry out preparatory work enough, that the adversary did not expect, do not do the opponent, so as to make a ready grasp of the battle! Don’t look down upon the work done, we will be on after a very big help!

three, glasses shop location

remember someone said: glasses shop is the first location, second is the geographical location, or geographical location of the third. Choose a good location

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