While learning to open their own shop manager

in our traditional impression, students should stay in school, but you have to think what, in fact for some college students who are more spare time, can do some other more interested in their own things, such as entrepreneurship.

a chance, in the business mentor Zhang Yuefei introduced, with Yao Fei construction group to set up a "star nest youth entrepreneurship project" research, together with the entrepreneurial team, test site, shop, for as long as 6 months.

"when the supermarket has just started, I of commodity inspection, display items, market research, management staff are not familiar with this kind of publicity, the supermarket is very difficult, but also hard to find part-time salesperson." Pu Ligang said, have to grope the shop.

"students is the store owner, they both support funds and management company, and independent operating autonomy, growth in employment, employment in the business." With nearly 2 years of operating experience in Pu Ligang said, every supermarket by three college students entrepreneurial team management experience, three aspects are responsible for the goods management, business communication and team management, the manager to co-ordinate the management. In addition to basic wages, at the end of each year will also be based on the supermarket sales results. At present, the supermarket is responsible for the management of the basic salary of college students in the 2000-3000 yuan / month, get at least 50% of the annual bonus.

In fact, for the

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