Dress shop welcomes the festival to attract customers business fire


now just ten period, however, any one store will not be ignored at the end of December to the end of January the next day, in short, the annual "two once a day (Christmas, new year and Spring Festival period) are promotion of prime time, at this time the alcohol and tobacco, beverages, food, children’s toys sales it is almost two times the usual. In order to seize the opportunity this year, I think in terms of commodity display and promotion, stimulating the sale of tobacco, beverages, food, children’s toys.

first of all, I put the door of the first section of the cigarette display on the counter as a "two once a" propaganda platform. When the customer into the store shopping, first saw the cigarette box beautiful is arranged by the toy counter, consisting of "holiday" welcome team, lighters, gifts and a lollipop with glasses "Wahaha" little girl, several former children to celebrate children’s Day danced a dance of joy. Have a beautiful dog sitting in "HaoMao" on the box, add a festive atmosphere for the celebration of "two once a day.

then, I take the gifts in the way of shopping promotions, posters on the door, inform the customer into the store, in December 10, 2016 to March 10, 2017, for a period of three months to celebrate a festival two day gifts "activities, where the customer into the store shopping, a cancellation fee of 8 yuan to 10 yuan, giving a lollipop; consumption of 15 yuan to 20 yuan, with a bag of Yili yogurt; consumption of more than 20 yuan, Mengniu donated a bag of walnut milk. For each purchase of 10 yuan more than the price of the gift of a cigarette lighter.

I set the "celebration" show style, attract customers attention, because opposite my shop is the kindergarten, the children in a kindergarten before going home late and often came to the store, the children come into the store after standing in front of the counter for a moment, and then let dad and mom to buy toys. Because the shopping and small gifts, parents are willing to pay to meet the request of the children, parents will buy a pack of cigarette smoking, get a lighter music; my wallet drum, music……

since each shop owner knows that such a special day is the shop selling time, why not dress up to attract more customers? If the shop has not been any change, can not allow customers to see the hot atmosphere, naturally there is no way to attract customers. So, if you want to achieve the phenomenon of selling products during the holiday season, might as well dress up shop oh.

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