Three kinds of mistakes committed by entrepreneurs

do you want to start a business? Or are you starting a business? Why do some people succeed in starting a business, while others fail? This is all for a reason, so, what makes entrepreneurs will bear such a big loss? Many inexperienced entrepreneurs are not aware of what is a fatal mistake to their customers and potential customers away. As a result, they are forced to give up their dream of starting a business is only a matter of time.

1, excuse yourself for

suppose you have a public relations companies: you can’t finish the work before the deadline, so how will you deal with the customer’s complaints and grievances? Do not look for reasons to say: "I was overwhelmed by the heavy work, so I have no time to start your program." It is not wise, the customer doesn’t care whether you have to bear the heavy work, they will only remember, you promised to complete his work but in a certain period before.

Instead of making excuses,

might as well admit his mistakes and try to make things better. Even if you work overtime, give the customer a discount, and the customer needs to be sent to his home that night. When you can take on all the responsibility and correct your mistakes, a bad thing will make you win the trust of customers.

2, thinking negative slack

Is it easy for

to start his own business? Think about it, once you start a business, you have to be ready to run for cash and carry a lot of petty and heavy burdens.

no matter how hard it is, you have to keep your head high and smile. People just want to do business with people who are confident.

get rid of the vicious circle of negative thoughts and focus on your goals, and believe that no matter how many setbacks, you can finally come true. Your unwavering confidence in yourself will also increase your confidence in your business.

3 ignore feedback information

most customers don’t tell you about their grievances, just turn around and leave for another deal! Use some extra time to get their attention, set the time for a private meeting, or do a theme of discussion, and your direct telephone customer contact, or ask them to answer some survey questions, such as: Why did you choose our products and services?

what makes you buy our products instead of other suppliers?

what do you think our products and services need to improve?

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