Longgang District Shenzhen the second batch of venture capital fund to guide cooperation instituti

venture capital needs, in addition to various government subsidies and bank loans, private capital investment should be the most important financing channels. Longgang District, Shenzhen encourage entrepreneurship, and actively guide the establishment of private capital venture capital institutions, and now the second batch of the basic situation of the proposed cooperative institutions have been publicized.

according to the "Longgang District venture capital fund management Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures" provisions "), the fund Longgang venture investment guidance (hereinafter referred to as the" guiding fund ") for the public for cooperation of venture capital institutions, a total of 13 venture capital institutions submitted for cooperation. According to the results of due diligence, expert review, a total of 11 venture capital institutions in line with the conditions, are as follows:

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