Jiangsu medical and pharmaceutical industries such as the establishment of new funds

the development of a city needs to constantly fill short board, for the development of the short board, can not be separated from the allocation of funds, so the establishment of the relevant fund is also very necessary. 2, Jiangsu coastal emerging industry investment fund was established, which is the second fund established in our province "The Belt and Road" series of special funds in the investment direction, including emerging industries of pharmaceutical, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials etc.. Prior to this, the scale of 20 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road" development investment fund has been set up for operation.

at the same time, the scale of 20 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road production integration of the city development fund will be established. At present, our province is speeding up the scale of 30 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road investment fund development work. According to the provincial coastal office director Chet Lam introduction, leveraging more social capital to invest in Jiangsu coastal development, in addition to efforts to promote the establishment of "The Belt and Road series fund, our province issued" Belt and Road Initiative "series of bonds.

Jiangsu medical and pharmaceutical industries, such as the establishment of new funds, we look forward to the relevant local emerging industries can be further development, for the future development of the situation we wait and see! The first half of this year, the first team to The Belt and Road, named "the scale of 2 billion 600 million yuan of new town in Nantong construction set successfully issued bonds, currently being replicated the experience of Nantong, promote Lianyungang (601008, shares), a collection of bonds, issued a total size of more than 10 billion yuan.

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