What are the characteristics of the franchise scam

joined the cause, many people do not have much experience, nor can the law to improve security in every project is legitimate, this is the need of investors own "Venus fire", in order to make people’s investment business to develop more rapidly, common features of the following small series will introduce some join the scam, you want to help entrepreneurs!

1, the company’s registration is not a long time (query, can be registered in the company’s location of the business sector such as Beijing some areas of the business sector, as long as the cost of 1 yuan of money, usually not only can query) registered in the mainland, Hongkong and other places are still registered (in Hongkong, the company registered very low cost). And put forward the franchise (professional term called franchising business features).

2, the company claims to be developed by South Korea, Hongkong and even Europe and the company, or the company’s subsidiary, or the company products in the domestic agent or franchisee (if you need to verify, you can query the national trademark database, these brands to enter the Chinese, will advance the registered trademark).

3, the so-called brand of these companies do not have the trademark rights. Here is a special emphasis is, please do not apply for the admissibility of the trademark notice as a trademark application for the successful certification, which is completely different. The former is the trade and Industry Bureau to inform you that the trademark registration application has been received, the latter is the real owner of the trademark. Join crooks often use the victim who do not understand the knowledge of the trademark, take the trademark application to accept the notice of deception. You know, a company was founded one or two years ago, how can you apply for a trademark?

4, in order to prove the authenticity of the company, the company will often show some international brands or companies for their brand authorization (note that the brand did not through trademark registration, does not exist), in order to fool people, these authorization is English, but there are still many flaws, for example use the Chinese signature habit, and foreign related documents that is in charge of signature. Of course, a few years later, these chains are also constantly upgrading crooks, their obvious vulnerabilities are constantly being filled.

5, the products they operate are generally not easy to judge the price and quality, such as clothing, gifts, health products, etc., in order to facilitate fraud.

6, such a long life of 2 years, a short period of 1 years.

now in the investment world, a snack car to join the information very much, the sky did not fall pie, we must take the identification and comparison of the above characteristics, but the look in the eyes of their own rich good choice!

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