The top line of traffic police to do something like this

Maverick is a number of personality after 90, the top line of traffic police detention is the, but this individual case is not a definition of all 90, but also hope that more people do not do such a stupid thing.

4 5 afternoon, Ji’nan high-speed near zero occurred breathtaking scene, the traffic police on duty Wang Peng check in a white car, the driver was illegal at the top of the front hood crazy traveling more than 800 meters, in the process of illegal drivers still violent swing head, brakes, tries to take Wang Peng falling on the ground. The car was stopped, the driver will support the police force a division on the spot control, the investigation division is a traffic violation of the "major", since January this year, a driver’s license was recorded into 35 . Currently, the Division has been Ji’nan Licheng Public Security Bureau detention.

4 5 pm 15:55, Shandong high-speed traffic police detachment a brigade Police Brigade Wang Peng, crystal in Ji’nan (zero) toll station on duty in the process of finding a Buick car is not affixed to the insurance mark. Wang Peng immediately stepped forward to check the car, requiring the driver to produce a driver’s license, driving license and related documents.

Police immediately rushed to support

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