How much money is needed to build an electric car company


smart electric car just red, a lot of entrepreneurs to electric enterprises to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, then look at the market, it is necessary to know the construction enterprises in electric vehicles cost and steps.

The formation of the concept of electric vehicle


The core

Internet people outside the industry are now love said Internet plus, but the car is one of the world’s most complex industrial products, said the complexity of HMI software and hardware system is not inferior to any mobile phone, while HMI is a maximum of 1/10 cars. So, in our opinion, not what Internet plus car, only a clear understanding of the nature of the car is + Internet can go down-to-earth. The car is the foundation, the Internet is icing on the cake and help improve the efficiency of the first high-quality cars, the rest of the meaning.

as Internet companies love the so-called wool out in pigs, do not want to make money to make money by selling cars, and value-added services, more not reality. Electric vehicles due to the transmission structure is simpler, less a lot of oil replacement and maintenance, in the aftermarket, the output value will be greatly reduced maintenance. Coupled with the warranty period of the electric car is very long, even completely unprofitable.


in automatic driving no large-scale general recommendation

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