Yuncheng local tax for the creation of the customer to provide convenient service to promote entrepr

in response to the management policy, all in providing convenient services for business hit off, to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, to help people succeed in business. Yuncheng local tax revenue for the creation of a customer to provide convenient services for entrepreneurs to create a good entrepreneurial environment.


is a positive response to the national public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, implement the Yuncheng municipal government "three one hundred" and "three project" work arrangements, the day before, the Yuncheng Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held a "tax service into the base", Yuncheng Xinghe innovation demonstration base of more than 600 guests attended in the business activities, they will enjoy the journey, with the Yuncheng Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service convenience.

to make Galaxy business base tax service work, the Council in the early introduction of the "on" Galaxy innovation demonstration base "implementation" of the tax service, launched the open double tax service window, founded the tax service to create double angle, promote the "Internet plus tax service, tax counseling class opened off the record specific work measures.

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