Shop detective is very easy to make money shopping

said that the detective agency, people are not unfamiliar, once the big detective Holmes so many experts to solve the problem of madness, but you know that in my daily life there is also a detective? A new career – shop detective increasingly hot, really can also make a lot of money shopping.

2000 in July, from Li Lin college after graduation, leaving his hometown of Luoyang to Shanghai alone. Her first job is to do a marketing in a commodity company, despite their efforts to pay twelve points, but the results have not been good. During the work of the harvest is only a stroll through every corner of Shanghai, there are many supermarkets and stores all by heart, which area which Shanghai street.

2002 in July, a Zhengzhou girl working in Shanghai for many years to find Li Lin said, going to open a clothing store in Shanghai, specializes in highly white-collar women favor hand-painted T-shirts, want Li Lin to help choose the location. After a few days with her, Li Lin recommended to her a place – an office building located in the Hongqiao Development Zone, and suggested that she opened a hand-painted clothing store in the office.

2002 in September, Li Lin simply quit marketing work, full-time started the store gold finger". Half a year later, she commissioned by more and more people choose to shop, consultation, commissioned by the telephone was too busy to attend to all. By 2004, her business volume began to rise rapidly, there are more than 30 thousand yuan of income per month. At this time, she simply moved the office from 20 square meters of the house to an office building in Pudong New Area, officially registered the golden finger store location company".

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