Kentucky Fried Chicken crash incident you dare to eat it

Kentucky is one of the most popular Western fast-food brands at home, by domestic and the majority of people’s love and welcome, but recently broke for KFC and McDonald’s chicken 45 days of intensive, immediate cause consumer concern for once popular well-known fast food KFC, McDonald’s and poured a pot of cold water! Kentucky Fried Chicken incident, you still dare to eat?

it is understood that this is a quick chicken named Bai Yu broiler breeds, originating from Britain, after generations of hybrid breeding, only in the last century at the end of 40s and early 50s in the United States and europe. As the market demand increases to pull prosperous broiler.

The growth cycle of

professionals that, for poultry industry, excessive use of antibiotics is a major problem. According to the different growth period, the use of feed is divided into three stages. The first stage is the birth to 3 weeks, is a "small meat" period, the second stage is 3 to 5 weeks, which belongs to the "meat metaphase", the third stage is 5 weeks, called "meat", each stage in order to meet the needs of growth, to add different feed. "In the first second stages, farming enterprises may use a lot of antibiotics, because of fear of intensive breeding of chicken infectious disease deaths, but to the third stage, the use of antibiotics to stop, because according to the regulations, some antibiotics and antibiotic index test, after a week or so can be excreted, so as to ensure the qualified."