Urban white collar online sale of mango success

in the eyes of outsiders, urban white-collar life is glamorous, but from the countryside to go out most of the college students choose to work in the city, the urban white-collar workers do not take the unusual way, choose home business.

grew up in the mango tree farm boy Censhen, after graduating from university in Hong Kong enterprises working for 3 years, suddenly resigned to return home, start with the "Mango merchants", which makes the family really shocked a.

Feng Zhen altar River Village


resigned from high paying enterprises in Hong Kong, Censhen home selling mangoes the news of the traditional family farming for generations it raged, parents feel that the son is mad "". It feels like mango is still immature, bite mouth is sour.

But Censhen

urban white-collar home "farming"

2012, his resignation back home, that was the mango harvest season, mango became the protagonist of high streets and back lanes. Can use their own network technology to the quality of the country’s mango to the country to learn from the origin of e-commerce to see business opportunities. In July 2012, Censhen successfully registered in Taobao shop. Kebanchushen Censhen, smooth shop management. With the unique flavor of Tiandong mango, shop in two months registered in turnover exceeded about 800000 yuan.