s there a market for dry cleaners in Guangzhou

even if the same business, but if in different cities, the market demand is different, so if we need to venture capital, naturally also need to take into account the local market. So, do you have a market in Guangzhou? Let Xiaobian for your analysis and analysis, to see whether such a business venture in the city is worth.

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, located in the central and southern parts of Guangdong Province, on the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta, near the South China sea. Ranked fifth in China’s urban competitiveness ranked second only to Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei. Guangzhou, as one of the economically developed cities in China, also has a lot of business opportunities. Similarly, due to climate and environmental factors in Guangzhou, the wet season, clothing will be difficult to dry, relatively speaking, the demand for dry cleaning is also more frequent. So, many investors also want to open a dry cleaners in Guangzhou. So, how about a dry cleaner in Guangzhou?

judgment profit is good, cost and market demand is very important. Low cost, high fees will naturally lead to high profits. The huge market demand, even if a customer only earn 1 dollars, but every day thousands, tens of thousands of customers, it is also a huge profit. So, want to know how the profit of Guangzhou dry cleaners, we should also be analyzed from these two points.

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dry cleaners in the industry are aware that the home dry cleaners almost no requirements, 30 thousand yuan of funds can be opened a shop of 30 square meters. At the same time, the dry cleaners are facing the surrounding residents, so most cleaners will be opened in the upscale district, near the school. And many of these rents are relatively cheap. Also, it creates a low cost of dry cleaners. 30 thousand yuan venture capital, investors may not be able to imagine, but the minimum cost of a home dry cleaners really only $30 thousand.

it is said that the low cost of investment, natural profits will not be high. However, imagine dry cleaning an ordinary clothing costs 1 yuan, more than $10 fee, profit is not high? Even if the removal of labor costs, utilities and so on, dry cleaners can still maintain more than 80% of the profits. So, although the low cost of dry cleaners, but the profit is indeed very high.

[Guangzhou dry cleaning market demand]

we all know that Guangzhou as China’s "South Gate", also attracted a lot of people flow. The flow of people, we must solve the problem is the basic necessities of life, go out in the outside, dirty clothes and can only get the dry cleaners cleaning, the flow of people so much, so much of the dry cleaning market, natural dry cleaners will create high profits.

besides, Guangzhou has a special geographical location, more or less every year

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