Take a bath to make a new guy to get rich

in order to let everyone reading more convenient, this is the first person to write the story of entrepreneurship, my name is Wu Xuan, after graduating from college in 2005, I went to Zhongguancun a computer sales company, mainly according to the configuration of different users of the computer assembly function. In the meantime, I often hear complaints from users, after a period of time to use the computer, but inexplicably slow to work, data disorders, often crashes and even unable to start failure. In fact, this is the curse of static electricity and dust, not the computer’s body out of the problem, to solve such problems only cleaning descaling and disinfection.

for the computer bath found business opportunities

the reason is very simple, but the lack of professional knowledge of the users, allowing them to do a thorough cleaning of the computer together. I have learned that in China, there is no company to provide "cleaning the computer" service. This is a gap in the market, if they engage in computer professional cleaning The early bird catches, will form a new bright spot in the cleaning service industry. Thought of here, I suddenly sprouted an entrepreneurial impulse, when a fashion called computer cleaning division"!

2007 at the beginning of March, after some preparation, I was carrying a containing cleaning agent, disinfectant and cleaning tools of the trunk, confidently began his entrepreneurial path.

set off a computer bath boom

however, things are not as simple as imagined, most of the time is not easy to knock on a door, I saw each other was about to explain why the toolbox, thought it was a salesman, immediately don’t hesitate to shut the door. On the fifth day finally turning, in the afternoon in a single apartment in Haidian District, I met a customer, this is a tall white-collar Beauty, when I was her beloved laptop after cleaning and disinfection, forthright girl not only gave me two hundred yuan, I also introduced five or six a white-collar customer.

so, I have third, fourth to seventh customers. Then, through the introduction, please give me a "computer bath" users in a continuous line, second months, I earned 7000 yuan, to September 2008, my monthly income has exceeded 20 thousand yuan, mobile phone ringing all day. To this end, I have a computer school from Yantai recruited 8 girls, after training to do their own helper, this temporary solution urgent need.

I analyze, and now many people on the importance of computer professional cleaning, maintenance is not fully aware of. In fact, weekdays seemingly docile "hidden dangers", computer mouse, screen and bacterial species within the host has more than 2000 kinds of diseases, easy to make computer operator colds, ear infections and pneumonia caused by infection.

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