What are the main points shop

for countless successful shop, in the course of the operation of the whole process, there are still more experience can be accumulated, and these experiences for other shopkeepers are undoubtedly very valuable wealth. I have been in Jiangxi County, Yudu rural village shop operating a total of more than and 10 years under the Department of alcohol and tobacco. Operating area from the original more than and 20 square meters to the current development of the area of 150 square meters, the grocery store has developed into a complete range of goods now small supermarket. I think, in the sea of hard work to master the operation of five points:

is a shop to do business, to be honest and trustworthy. Well, only genuine goods at a fair price to retain customers.

two is the strict purchase pass, to ensure the quality of goods. The only way to purchase cigarettes from tobacco companies, a regular channel, do not sell cigarettes, do not sell fakes, to win the trust of customers, or they will lose their signs.

three is to improve the quality of service, the customer as their loved ones, sincere service. Customers should think, anxious customers anxious, hope customers hope, so as to stabilize a large number of customers.

four is to provide customers with a comfortable shopping environment. For example, the goods should be placed orderly, the store should be kept clean and tidy.

five is to learn advanced management concepts and methods, broaden the business vision, guide consumer spending. For example, the new listing of food unpacking, free of charge to allow customers to taste, to guide the customer’s spending habits, to achieve the purpose of promoting the listing of new brands.

how to run a shop, different operators will have a different understanding, and these knowledge and ideas will affect the actual operation of a shop. In short, if you are a shopkeeper, but also want to make their own shop business has been booming development, these small addendum introduced these contents may wish to pay attention to.

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