Need to avoid a few business mistakes


into errors in the entrepreneurial process, some entrepreneurs are difficult to come out, the end of his career, so understanding several entrepreneurial errors, can effectively avoid their "wrong", walk the road to riches smooth.


of course, tightening the purse is not equal to today’s startups too stingy to pull out a hair, still have a lot of opportunities to obtain financing, but the risk of investment in more explicit and judgment standard. Mr. Shaw also according to their own exposure to the case of entrepreneurs concerned about the financing of the summary of the following entrepreneurs often fall into the error:

technical errors

"whether in China or in Asia, often hear entrepreneurs say ‘my technology is the best, I really is the best". But I want to say that we do not invest in technology, the project is very important in the technical content, but his position is only part of it, as well as marketing, as well as management. In 80s, Appollo was better than SUN.

now who wins? Or SUN, is the market, not technology. Therefore, marketing and management is very important. Chinese and Asians are relatively weak in this regard. Many people ask me, ‘we have the best technology. Why don’t you invest?’ We do not invest, we are going to invest in high growth companies.

now just in the high-tech high growth, so we choose to invest in high-tech enterprises. The high growth includes many kinds, not only to the science and technology, but also the other value-added ways. In the current situation of the Internet, a lot of projects in the field I just look for a leader, find the faucet, and then find a good person, but also the money, so you can do a lot of mergers and acquisitions. The entire American automobile industry, through mergers and acquisitions, has now become the two largest car manufacturer."

ownership misunderstanding

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